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If you have difficulty logging in, please read the following notes:

Enter your user name (e-mail address) and your password in the designated login boxes.

Our system then checks your access data and the corresponding authorizations for access.

If you can not log in, please check the following:

  • Do you already have official access to the VAT Supplier Portal?
  • Did you enter your access data incorrectly more than 5 times? - Account is blocked
  • Are you using the correct username in conjunction with the correct password? If one of the two details is incorrect, you will not be able to log in.
  • Did you use your e-mail address as username?
  • Did you verify your account using the link in the email "Periodic validation of your web account"?

If you have any problems with the login or your user data, please contact our IT support:

Mail: itsupport(at)
During business hours: +41 81 772 76 67
Outside normal business hours: +41 81 772 42 00 (ask for VAT IT-Support)